WHO Smart Vaccination Certificate (SVC) - RC1
0.2.0 - CI Build

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This is the FHIR Implementation Guide for WHO Smart Vaccination Certificate (SVC).

  • This implementation guide and set of artifacts are still undergoing development.
  • Release Candidate 1 includes key business requirements for a digital vaccination certificate (Smart Vaccination Certificate, SVC) for national adoption that includes the prioritized scenarios of use, use cases, key workflows, a core data set mapped to a preferred code set, and this FHIR Implementation Guide for the SVC Release Candidate 1 scope. The first release candidate also begins to outline a global trust framework and high-level overview of a governance mechanism.
  • This content is only for demonstration purposes only.


This Implementation Guide contains the full set of specifications for Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of the WHO Smart Vaccination Certificate (SVC).

This Implementation Guide is underpinned by supporting guidelines, policies and recommendations

About This Implementation Guide

This Implementation Guide is broken into the following levels of knowledge representation:

  • Narrative Contains references to the guidance, guidlines, policies and recommemndations underpinning this Implementation Guide
  • Business Requirements Contains the requirements for this Implementation Guide including the defintition of key concepts, user personas, use cases and workflows.
  • Data Models and Exchange Contains the data models and data exchange protocols defined in this Implementation Guide.
  • Deployment Guidance Contains technical specifications and guidance relevant to this Implementation Guide and supporting guidance for adaptation in local environments.


The specification herewith documented is a demo working specification, and may not be used for any implementation purposes. This draft is provided without warranty of completeness or consistency, and the official publication supersedes this draft. No liability can be inferred from the use or misuse of this specification, or its consequences.